Where is The Treasure in GTA 5 Grand Senora Desert?

To start a treasure hunt in GTA Online, you must participate in an online session and play in Freemode within 5 minutes you will receive an email with a photo of the specified location.

Go to the marked area and find the note. As you approach, you will hear a bell. The closer you are, the louder the chime. Below are the locations of the GTA online Treasure Hunts, with cash factory Grand Senora Desert and a guide on how to claim Counterfeit Cash.

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GTA 5 Grand Senora Desert Treasure Locations

1. Del Perro Pier

First, head to the west coast of Los Santos, where you’ll find a clue in one of the pillars supporting the pier.

2. Mount Josiah / Cassidy Creek

Head to the Raton Canyon area to the north of the map and you’ll find the exact location given in the mail, and you can find a clue on one of the large stones near the location.

3. Vinewood Hills

First go to the Galileo Lookout (the central part of the map) and you’ll find a clue attached to the Baytree Canyon view board.

4. Pacific Bluffs Graveyard

GTA Online Treasure Hunt Location 4 Head to Pacific Bluff Cemetery, located just above Del Perro Pier. The clue is attached to one of the tombstones.

 5. Tongva Hills Vineyards

Head to the vineyards located in the Tongba Hills area. The clue can be attached to one of the large stones just below the bridge GTA online treasure hunt location

6. San Chainski Mountain Range

Find the Little Fisherman’s Wharf towards the east coast of the map. The clue is attached to a nearby mountain range.

7. Great Chaparral Church

Head north of Los Santos County, located in the Great Convent area. A clue can be affixed to one of the tombstones.

8. Cassedy Creek

Head downhill to the riverbank and look for Cassidy Creek Bridge. A clue can be attached to one of the trees at a short distance from the bridge.

9. Tataviam Mountains

First, head to the beach located near the Palmer-Taylor power plant. Clues can be attached to the bottom of the mountain near the beach.

10. Sandy Shores/ Alamo Seagta

Head to the Alamo Sea to find the broken ship. The clue is attached to a rock near the broken ship.

11. Grand Senora Desert

Head to the Senora Desert and find the airfield on the sandy beach. The clue is stuck on the door.

12. San Chainski Mountain Range

Head to the Mountain Chain Ski Mountains. Clues can be attached to Christian crosses.

13. Los Santos Golf Club

Go to the golf course in Los Santos. Clues can be attached to the legs.

14. Pacific Ocean

Head towards the Pacific Ocean on the map. The clue is attached to one of the large stones near the sea.

15. Paleto Bay

You will be taken to Paleto Bay, the northernmost area on the map. Clues can be found under the destroyed bridge.

16. Great Chaparral

Go to the Great Chaparral. The clue is attached to the pool in front of the Abandoned mineshaft.

17. Sandy Shores

Travel east of the sandy beach where you’ll find the Beam Me Up art installation. You can see the observation deck right above the hill. The clue above the table says CHILIAD VIEW.

18. Mount Chiliad

First, travel to the lookout point of Mount Chile, where SOUTH S.A VIEW can lie on a table and find clues.

19. Tongva Hills/ Two Hoots Falls

First, head to Tong Ba Hill. Clues can be attached to totems located in small parks.

20. Senora National Park

First, traveling to a sandy beach area, clues can be attached to a group of rocks in Senora National Park.

You can also watch the video of all these 20 locations to know how can you reach at GTA online treasure hunt grand Senora Desert.

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GTA 5 Grand Senora Desert Counterfeit Cash Factory

The Counterfeit Cash Factory Grand Senora Desert is one of the MC business assets available for purchase in GTA Online, located in the Grand Senora Desert in Blaine County. Added to the game as part of the 1.36 Bikers update on October 4, 2016.

How to claim Counterfeit Cash Factory Grand Senora Desert

The counterfeit cash factory Grand Senora Desert is available at The Open Road for $845,000. To purchase Biker Business through the Open Road website, which can be accessed from a computer on the desk of the clubhouse, you must be the MC president and own the clubhouse.

MC Businesses Properties Features and Customizations

Property information: Attribute type
MC business location: Grand Senora Desert
State/Region: Blaine County
Available: Open road
GTA Online Pricing: $845,000

Available for purchase with Biker Clubhouse. Free with purchase of the Criminal Enterprises Starter Pack.

Watch the full video of GTA Online Criminal Enterprise Starter Pack

Counterfeit Cash Factory Grand Senora Desert Map