Import Export GTA Guide

GTA online recently received the last major DLC update in 2016. Currently, import / export is leading polls that seek to find the 2016 DLC despite controversy and vocal appeal among certain fans. The update has a little price and a steep learning curve, but it’s still full of fun content.

What is Import Export in GTA game?

Import / export is a new gameplay mechanism that is the least balanced with respect to the price of new content when compared to the rate of earning cash.

Primis player placeholder

Import / export has strangely one of the most inaccessible gameplay mechanisms. In fact, those who sat down and completed a few car import and export missions seem silly about the negative reaction the new mission receives on the web. Profiting from these jobs is actually very simple, but angry fans are trying to make it impossible.

A few days ago I tried to clear some misunderstandings related to import / export, but now I want to turn this game’s gaming experience for all players into something fun and profitable with this guide.

There are many ways to convert new GTA online content to your liking. It doesn’t have to be considered as a pointless money sink used to further promote shark cards. I do not need it.

Create car collection

To ensure that the import / export experience does not end with a controller-shaped hole in the display, the first and most important thing to do is to set expectations. We did the same with an extra adventure at Treasury and Peloponne earlier this year, where players expected to buy the most expensive executives and monetize the boxes before the next rest break.

It takes years, sometimes decades, to get a return on your business investment in real life. GTA requires about 5-6 hours of gameplay unless you purchase the most expensive version of the product. It’s not unreasonable, but the player expected to make a crazy stack with the first delivery, even if there was a reason he couldn’t understand. Of course, the fact that they did not cause the anger.

Profiting from imports exports in GTA game takes longer, but once money comes in, the effort is validated. The initial investment here is higher, so it takes more time to make a profit. But there are some tips and tricks to make the most of new opportunities.

Bring a friend

Export missions will especially help you ride with your friends. Each member of the organization can sell a vehicle, so up to four rides can be sold at the same time. This is a big bonus considering that you have to wait for a timer between 4 people.

Bring the cargo rice

Another good tip for imports or exports is to take cargo rice. This allows you to easily take your car to the warehouse without causing too much damage, minimizing repair costs. When saving an NPC air attacker, you have to fly low and fast because it’s the best way to avoid extra damage.

Unlock discounts

Special vehicles are all quite expensive, but as you complete each mission associated with the vehicle, you can cut a lot in price. In some cases, this discount amounts to a million, which is not a small amount. The mission of amphibious technology is short, but it is already useful because of the large payouts. It is also worth it after you have already unlocked the discount.

 Get cash through import export in GTA

One of the easy-to-miss details that is important for getting as much cash out of the import / export as possible is the car collection feature. This collection assembles a list of specific shopping vehicles for one customer and sells them all at once to reward the diligent player with a lot of bonus cash.

Naturally, the low cost rides are included in the collection so you don’t have to hop sessions when working on the collection.

After all, it’s not particularly difficult to make a significant amount of money using the new technology introduced in GTA Online via import / export. Know what you are doing and meet your realistic expectations.

You won’t earn millions at a time, but if you have patience, you’ll soon be able to make a return on your investment and with the passive income provided by the bike operators and the extra cash you get from the box missions well you have a lot of financial problems in the virtual world of Los Santos There is not.