Hotel Assassination GTA 5 Stock Guide 2022

Assassination missions in GTA 5 are one of the biggest monetization opportunities in the game. At some point during GTA 5’s story mode, Franklin is contacted by Lester to get a business opportunity related to a series of hits across Los Santos.

It’s not unusual for Lester to ask his friends to slap the CEO of the corporate world (Jay Norris), but there’s more to it than just a hit. GTA 5 has an in-game stock market that is affected by the player’s actions during the beat, especially in story mode.

In the Hotel Assassination mission, the player who becomes Franklin removes the top management of a major company, causing the stock price to plummet. At the same time, the value of rival stocks increases significantly, allowing players to take advantage of them.

Hotel Assassination GTA 5 Stock Guide 2022

Investing and selling these stocks in GTA 5 can be a bit confusing at times. So, this guide to the first mission in the series, Hotel Assassination, will help players get a better idea of ​​how to invest in stocks in GTA 5 and make money from it.


Players must hold off approaching Lester until the end right after the bat for these missions in GTA 5 (marked as Assassination). This means that players should ideally wait until they complete the Big Score to undertake these missions. At that point in GTA 5, they will have the most money in their accounts and will be able to get huge returns on their investments.

So you have to wait until the last raid and put all your money into a specific stock before and after the assassination mission. Players need to remember that they must invest in certain stocks before the mission and also after the mission. After Franklin is tipped, players must switch to Trevor and Michael to invest in stocks from their phones as well.

  • Sell ​​Beta Pharmaceuticals at 50%. Return from the mission. Save sleeping games to save time.
  • After: Bilkinton Research (BAWSAQ) gets Trevor to sleep 2-3 nights in a row for a 50% return.

Character sleeping in bed accelerates the passage of time and Trevor seems to have slept the longest in GTA 5. LCN stocks take at least a day to show a change in value, while BAWSAQ reflects it much faster.

Another way to make money by hotel Assassination in GTA 5

We found another way to squeeze more cash out of the above method.

Guide 2:

The concept of this particular method relies on using Bilkington (BIL) to increase the maximum investment. The key is to tank your company at certain points in the game. Proceed as usual to complete everything you can, including the Hotel Assassination mission, and make sure you’re ready for blitz play. Then, after completing the Hotel Assassination, you must perform a Blitz Play.

When starting a Blitz Play mission, make sure you are currently controlling Michael. This should be the default, but it’s key. Play until Michael drops an envelope on Devin Weston, then immediately switches to Franklin. At this point, Franklin will still be sitting in the getaway vehicle, so you can drive straight to Devin to complete the first recovery mission.

Then you need to switch Trevor and complete the second recovery mission. Once complete, you must sell all of your Betta Pharmaceuticals stock before proceeding, but don’t buy Bilkington yet.

From here, continue the game as usual. Michael takes on missions for Solomon Richards and Madrazo, meets Trevor, and takes Franklin to Michael’s house for a kidnapping mission, all this until he reaches the Paleto Bay raid mission. All of these missions can be played normally.

Now it’s a great time to Invest, Bilkington stock is the least possible. If successful, all three main characters (Franklin, Trevor, and Michael) will have an additional $400,000 to invest in, which will be used to buy cheap, now-dirty Bilkington stock, which is everyone’s final payout.

Investment Assassination increases by $16,000,000 at the end of the game!