GTA 5 Dubsta 6×6 Location 2022

The Benefactor Dubsta 6×6 is an off-road SUV with six wheels and bulletproof shells that appears in GTA 5 and GTA V online, added to the game on June 17, 2014, as part of the 1.14 I’m Not a Hipster update.

GTA 5 Dubsta 6×6 Location

How to get DUBSTA 6X6 in GTA 5?

Original version: after installing the I’m Not a Hipster update in single-player, it’s available in all protagonist’s garages.

Improved version: You can buy it at Warstock Cash and Carry for $249,000.

How to get DUBSTA 6X6 in GTA 5 Online?

You can buy it at Warstock Cache and Carry for $249,000.

Cunning Stunts: Before the Special Vehicle Circuit update, the Dubsta 6×6 vehicle could only be purchased after reaching rank 100.

Dubsta 6x6 GTA 5

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Dubsta 6×6 Performance in  Grand Theft Auto 5 and Online

As expected from a heavy six-wheel truck, the Dubsta 6×6 is a hefty but very stable vehicle. The Dubsta 6×6 retains the same engine model and sound used in the regular Dubstar. Although a considerable supercharged V12 engine powers it, the modeled turbocharged straight-4 combined with a six-speed transmission makes it relatively easy to power the vehicle on steep slopes.

Dubsta 6×6 has a modeled turbocharger. This is purely cosmetic and will not affect performance unless players purchase turbo mods from Los Santos Customs. Top speed and acceleration are awe-inspiring, better than all Off-Road rated cars, but the long wheelbase and large turning radius require a lot of handling.

Understeer when off-road and at high speeds. Braking power is also sub-par, and upgrades do little to improve it. It is durable because it can withstand many head-on collisions before the engine fails. The 6×6 can quickly push small vehicles off the road and can withstand a lot of gunfire.

Bulletproof tires are highly recommended as handling will not be hampered by gunfire from large, exposed tires. Heavy off-roading, often crashing into rocks, causes a lot of visible minor damage and eventually breaks the front suspension, resulting in massive understeer.

Moreover, passengers riding in truck beds can fall from the vehicle, especially in the event of gunfire and rollover. The Dubsta 6X6 can withstand a lot of water depth. You can go as deep as the grill badge before the engine shuts off.

How to get DUBSTA 6X6 in GTA 5?

How many people can fit in the Dubsta 6×6?

Unlocked when players reach rank 100 and with a capacity of 6 people, this vehicle is perfect for ferrying a heavily armed entourage.

How many people can fit in the Dubsta 6x6

Is the Dubsta 6×6 fast?

The top speed of the Dubsta 6×6 in GTA V is 103.25 mph (166.16 km/h), as it was accurately tested in-game by many GTA 5 gamers.

Can you customize the Dubsta 6×6?

Yes, you can customize Dubsta 6×6; below, you can watch the video to learn how to upgrade/customize the Dubsta 6×6 in GTA 5 Online.