Grand Theft Auto San Andreas Cheats in PC

Here is the list of Grand Theft Auto San Andreas Cheats in PC 100% working cheats available only for PC version.

About GTA San Andreas cheats

GTA San Andreas has a variety of cheats, including infinite ammo cheats, desired level deactivation, almost infinite health, spawn items, and more. Check the recommendations list of Grand Theft Auto San Andreas cheats codes in PC below.

The following is a list of all GTA San Andreas cheat codes, bugs, and secrets.

Bug hood loss

There was a bug while playing the European English version of The Grand Auto Autoport Andreas with the latest patch 1.01.

This bug occurs near CJ’s house. I bought in the northwest of the ballas territory when fighting grass not far from the beach and ammunition.

There are usually three waves during the turf war. That is, when you survive the first wave, then survive the second wave and survive the third wave, the “hood is yours“.

Problems near Jefferson’s neighborhood when driving to nearby areas to take territory. While standing on the rooftop, I survived the wave of the first attack, but I shoot a lot of Ballas and a few run away from me, marked by purple triangles and squares on the green forest street territory.

If you wander too far from the flashing red “competition zone”, the message “Please return to war zone” will be displayed. I stood on the battlefield for only 20 minutes so no one was following me. Therefore, after leaving the battlefield, after a few minutes I can not win in that area.

Therefore I simply can not get out of the battlefield and chase the enemy. It’s a defect because there is no way to beat the territory.

Tommy Bertitti Cameo

This changes part of the character01 file. To get it back to normal, just delete the extracted files.

Unidentified. Navigate to the character01.rar file in the … / install / gtasa / … directory and extract it. In the game you can find the code of the character known as CJ, but if you want the old Vercetti again, change the three digit number from 0 1 1 to 1 0 0. You need to change the character. This works on everyone’s computer but on my computer.

Here are Grand Theft Auto San Andreas Cheats for PC

These cheats codes affects GTA San Andreas’ gameplay mechanism and World / NPC.

  1. HESOYAM-HEALTH, ARMOR, $ 250k, Car Repair
  2. BAGUVIX- (half) infinite health
  3. CVWKXAM-Infinite Oxygen
  4. LXGIWYL-Weapon Set 1
  5. Professional Skills-Weapon Set 2
  6. UZUMYMW-Weapon Set 3
  7. STICKLIKEGLUE-perfect car handling
  8. ANOSEONGLASS-adrenaline mode
  9. FULLCLIP-infinite ammunition, no reload
  10. TURNUPTHEHEAT- + 2 levels you want
  11. TURNDOWNTHEHEAT-clear level
  12. BTCDBCB-Fat Body
  13. BUFFMEUP-muscular body
  14. KVGYZQK-Skinny Body
  15. AEZAKMI-Disable the desired level
  16. BRINGITON-Six Star Wanted Level
  17. Adoration-Respect Up
  18. VKYPQCF-Max Stamina
  19. Professional Killer-Hitman Level for All Weapon Stats
  20. Nature-Maximize All Vehicle Technical Statistics
  21. SPEEDITUP-Quick Action
  22. Slow motion-slow motion
  23. AJLOJYQY-People attack each other with golf clubs
  24. BAGOWPG-Bounty on Your Head
  25. FOOOXFT-Pedestrians Hunt You
  27. BLUESUEDESHOES-Elvis models for people
  28. BGLUAWML-Attacking People With Rocket Launchers
  29. LIFESABEACH-Beach Party Mode
  30. ONLYHOMIESALLOWED-gang member mode
  31. BIFBUZZ-Gang Control
  32. Ninja-Ninja Theme
  33. BEKKNQV-Women Talk
  34. CJPHONEHOME-Big Rabbit Hop
  35. Kangaroo-Mega Jump
  36. Strategic Economy-Riot Mode
  37. CRAZYTOWN-Fun House Mod
  38. SJMAHPE-Recruiting Anyone
  39. ROCKETMAYHEM-Recruiting anyone
  40. ZEIIVG-all green lights
  41. YLTEICZ-aggressive driver
  42. LLQPFBN-Pink CA
  43. FLYINGFISH-Flying Boat
  44. Whisk-Moon Tea Gravity
  45. OUIQDMW-Free aiming while driving
  46. Ghost Town-Traffic Reduction
  47. FVTMNBZ-National Vehicle
  48. BMTPWHR-National Vehicles and People

Spawn Cheats

These codes generate various vehicles.

  1. Rocketman-Spawn Pack
  2. IWPRTON-Rhinoceros Generation
  3. AIYPWZQP-Scattering Parachute
  4. OLDSPEEDDEMON-Sponsored Blood Ring Banger
  5. JQNTDMH-Spawn Rancher
  7. CELEBRITYSTATUS- spawn stretch
  8. TRUEGRIME-Spawn Master
  9. RZHSUEW- Spawn Caddy
  10. JUMPJET- Spawn Hydra
  11. KGGGDKP-Sponsored Vortex Hovercraft
  12. OHDUDE-Spawn Hunter
  13. Four Wheelfun-Spawn Quad
  14. AMOMHRER-Span Tanker Truck
  15. ITSALLBULL-span dozer
  16. FLYINGTOSTUNT- Spawn Stunt Plane
  17. MONSTERMASH- spawn monster

Here are Grand Theft Auto San Andreas Car Cheats for PC

  1. CPKTNWT-Blow Up All Cars
  2. Cockroach-Invisible Car
  3. IOWDLAC-Black Car
  4. EVERYONEISPOOR-all cheap cars
  5. EVERYONEISRICH-all fast cars
  7. JCNRUAD-cars blow up easily
  8. SPEEDFREAK-Every car has a nitro
  9. VROCKPOKEY- Spawn Racing Car
  10. VPJTQWV-Sponsored Racing Car

Weather cheats

The following cheat code adjusts the weather in San Andreas.

  1. Pleasant weather-sunny weather
  2. TOODAMNHOT-very sunny weather
  3. ALNSFMZO-cloudy weather
  4. AUIFRVQS-Rainy Weather
  5. CFVFGMJ-Fog Weather
  6. YSOHNUL-Faster Watch
  7. NIGHTPROWLER-Always Midnight
  8. OFVIAC-Orange Sky
  9. Scottish Summer-Thunderstorm
  10. CWJXUOC-Sandstorm

Costume Cheats

  1. Croupier Uniform: Complete the mission “Break the Bank of Caligula”
  2. Gimbal: Complete the Mission “Key to the Heart”
  3. Medic Uniforms: Dating Katie 100%
  4. Overall’s Outfit: Dating Helena 100%
  5. Pimp Suit: Dating Dennis 100%
  6. Police Uniform: Date Barbara to 100%
  7. Racing Outfit: Dating Michelle 100%
  8. Valet Uniforms: Complete the mission “555-WE-TIP”

To unlock Girl’s Car

  1. Bondi Tho: Dating Helena (her car has no door)
  2. Green Crook: Dating Dennis 50%
  3. Monster Trucks: Dating Michelle ~ 50%
  4. Pink Club: Date Milli-50%
  5. Police Ranger: 50% On Dating Barbara
  6. White Romero: 50% off dating Katie

Tips forĀ beginners

Complete all 100 tags in Los Santos to activate Ak-47, Tec-9, Sawn-Off Shotgun and Molotov Cocktails in Johnson’s Family Home.

Reach Level 12 in Paramedic Missions for an additional 50%.

Enables fire-fighting complete level 12 of firefighter missions.

Enter Broadway (low rider vehicle) and hit R3 to start the pimp mission. Drive prostitutes to their destinations to get big cash. After the tenth “trick” whore you have to pay rather than pay.

BF Injection: Dirt ring race first place in Las Venturas Stadium
Super GT: Win all bronze medals in the driving school.
Bu Buggy: Score 25 points in the dirt ring.
Hot Knife: Win all gold medals in driving school.
Jetpack: Complete Airstip assets near Las Venturas.

Get all the gold medals in NRG 500: Bike School. This bike can be easily found in the parking lot near Johnson’s house.

Rustler: Win all bronze medals in the pilot school.
Highway: Win all Bronze Awards at Bike School
Hotring Racer: Take first place in the 8-track.
Monster Truck: Win 8 Track Tournaments.
Stunt Plane: Get all silver medals at Pilot School.
Medic Outfit: Katie Zhan and 100%
Pimp Outfit: 100% with Denise Robinson
Racing Outfit: 100% with Michelle
Police outfit: 100% with Barbara
Maintain weapons after arrest: Date Barbara
Keeping Weapons After Waste: Date Katie

These are some essential PC GTA Cheats, codes for Grand Theft Auto San Andreas game. These will only work for in your PC.